How to Resolve Employee Conflict Like a Pro?

Employee Conflict

Discover effective strategies to help employees who don’t get along, turning conflicts into catalysts for innovation and productivity. Join Rhamy as he outlines key points from early intervention to leveraging strengths and weaknesses, providing actionable insights for HR pros and team leaders.

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Does the Trump Executive Order Mean I Can Stop Withholding Employee Tax Payments?

Today’s episode explains President Trump’s recent executive order to extend pandemic unemployment benefits, student loan payment deferrals, eviction protections, and payroll tax cuts in the wake of COVID-19. One of the new benefits allows for $400 per week into December, compared to the previous unemployment insurance of $600. President Trump explained that states will be…

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How Do You Determine Whether an Employee Qualifies for Exemption?

Today’s episode summarizes all we have discussed regarding the FLSA exemption and provides an assessment that we recommend you perform with every single one of your employees. Even if the information you write down is not entirely accurate, simply having this information on paper for each of your employees makes a huge difference whenever a…

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