How to Have a Productive Exit Interview

It’s never an ideal situation when an employee leaves your organization.
Whether it’s a voluntarily or involuntarily move, there’s paperwork to be completed, a new hire to be made, and an exit interview to conduct.

If you skip the exit interview, you’re missing a golden opportunity to improve your organization. Even if the employee was fired, there’s insight to be gained.

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Do You Have Mixed Emotions about Open Enrollment?

It’s typical to have mixed feelings about the annual benefits open enrollment period. Dread for the additional administrative workload and potential benefits cost increases… Anticipation of newer, more attractive, and easier to administer plans… It makes for a fall season that causes many HR professionals and benefits brokers to drown their misery in pumpkin spice lattes.

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Why Too Many HR Departments are Unproductive

For the important role they play within every type of organization or business, HR departments too often lack that… human touch.

This isn’t their fault, however, as countless talented HR professionals are buried under cumbersome tasks and receive zero help from their outdated HR systems.

The Four Measurements of an HR System that Works

Building an HR System That Works
If your organization wants to implement an automated HR system, one of the main questions you’ll want to answer is: What makes for a good system?

HR systems that fuel a productive and satisfied workforce have four components: efficiency, scalability, reliability, and compliance. Let’s look at each one.

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