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"People Processes' customer service level is outstanding."
- Cynthia Salem, Madonna Learning Center

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Paula Hearn
Church of God In Christ, Inc.

"People Processes has been an invaluable resource to COGIC in nearly every area of Human Resources. The high quality level of customer service and their strive for excellence is amazing. They do what they say they will do and they do it well."

Systems: Benefits, Payroll, BaseHR, Compliance, Time & Labor, and more.

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Chad Davis
Vectair Systems, Inc.

"I would be lost (literally) without the assistance and support that I receive from the entire team at People Processes. Superior customer service just comes natural to them!"

Systems: Benefits, Payroll, BaseHR


Darren Virassammy
34 Strong, Inc.,

"We've had the privelege of working with People Processes for just about a year. They have helped us remarkably with their HR systems. I've just been blown away with how professional their whole team is, how reponsive they are, and their willingness to find solutions. I can't recommend them highly enough."

Systems: Payroll, Time & Labor, BaseHR, Compliance

"I have worked with People Processes for several years. At first, they provided health and supplemental insurance. As of 2018, we added Payroll, HR and Timekeeping. Their customer service level is consistently excellent. The owners and employees are knowledgeable and always willing to share their knowledge. We have several idiosyncrasies in the way we process timekeeping and payroll, and they have worked patiently with us through each one to find the right answer. Rhamy has, on occasion and in a very professional manner, gently nudged me to think a bit differently in order to make things better in the long run. One can tell through working with People Processes that the example of service, knowledge, organization and attention to detail is set at the very top of the organization, and is a model that is implemented throughout. I tend to be a "pick up the phone" instead of a "log on and research" person when I have a payroll or HR question, and I am always confident that the responses to my questions are solid and legally sound. I have very much enjoyed the relationship with People Processes from the very beginning, and look forward to it continuing into the future. I highly recommend them!"

- Cynthia Salem
Madonna Learning Center

"The team at People Processes has been excellent at helping us every step of the way.  We would recommend them without reservation to any company looking for expertise in benefits design and employee communication.

- Willis Yates
Y&W Technologies

"The best part of People Processes is not the services they provide but the people who work there. They are always incredibly helpful and patient. We are thankful to have a team like People Processes that offers great benefits for our employees!"

Audrey Matheson
Agri Industrial Supply