Streamline your HR processes.

Our paperless HR system eliminates duplicate data entry and error-prone manual tasks so you can focus on your people.


Hire best-fit talent with a talent acquisition solution that provides a positive applicant experience and makes it easy to source, track, and evaluate top candidates


Configure customized onboarding checklists with task assignments and time frames so you can track the process from start to finish.

Performance Management

Our solution delivers tools that support continuous performance feedback, making it easy for managers to define and track individual employee goals with associated weights and to nurture successful outcomes

Trainings & Certifications

Track employee skills and certifications with customized reports that show who needs training and when they need it. Schedule internal classes, monitor open seats and report on employee participation and results.

Incident Tracking

Track incidents on a case-by-case basis with customized email notifications, supporting documentation storage and points tracking and escalation.

Asset Management

Our customized system allows you to maintain complete inventory of all company property and assign it to employees as needed.


Drive employee engagement.
Our talent management solution helps you develop, reward, and retain a high-performing workforce.


Utilize a unified platform.
Our HR module automates core HR functions and stores all employee
records in a single, common database.


Streamline administration.
Create your own processes for HR Actions such as new hires, re-hires, terminations, job changes, salary changes, and transfers.

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