Good HR is Good Risk Management

Our compliance solution gives you all the tools and information needed to remain compliant with your HR and payroll processes. From employer and employee training, to handbook creation and monitoring, to LIVE SUPPORT this system gives you everything you need to minimize your people risk.

Real Answers from Real Experts

There’s simply no substitute for human experience and knowledge. Enjoy unlimited, immediate access to certified, experienced advisors to help navigate your people risk management issues.

Train Your Staff
(and Yourself!)

Whether you train because you have to or because it’s just a really good idea, we’ve got you covered with a full-featured learning management system with the industry’s most comprehensive unlimited training catalog.

A Living Handbook

The industry’s only wizard-based handbook tool covering all 50 states, complete with policy change alerts to ensure your handbook is always up-to-date, accurate and protecting your business as effectively as possible.

Content You can Rely On

Fully-integrated content combined with expert analysis of employment laws and regulations and best practice information to help you handle current issues and to better understand how to prepare for future issues.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

You have enough on your plate just dealing with today’s issues! Our team of attorneys and experts monitor and anticipate future challenges and prepare you through email and CE accredited webinars.

Tools, Forms, and Templates

Thousands of templates, tools, checklists, and policies to make your job easier. Resources include FLSA classification, performance management, salary benchmarking, interactive audits, job description builder, and more.

Protection and Peace of Mind

>> Discrimination, EEO, ADA

>> Employee Relations

>> Performance Management

>> Policies and Procedures

>> Recruiting and Hiring

>> Conflict Resolution

>> Hiring Practices

>> Terminations

>> Workplace Violence

>> Culture and Engagement

>> Leaves of Absence, FMLA


>> Wage and Hour

>> Worker Classification

>> Workers’ Compensation

>> Benefits Compliance

>> State and Regional Laws


>> Safety and OSHA

>> Unlawful Harassment

>> Substance Abuse

>> Marijuana Laws

>> Employee Mental Health

>> Cyber Security

Dedicated HR Compliance

We provide business owners and managers the tools and help they need to protect and grow their businesses.