Our Story

People Processes started over 14 years ago as "Poplar Insurance Agency, Inc."  We worked with business owners and HR teams to design and implement the best benefits programs for their employees.  Our start in helping businesses attract and retain the best talent in their industry rapidly led to us helping with more and more complex HR issues, like compliance, benefits enrollment, benefits communication, and compensation.  As we grew, we knew we needed a more holistic solution to meet the demands of our clientele.  A few years in, we entered the payroll space and rebranded as "Poplar Financial."  For years, Poplar Financial provided integrated payroll, benefits, and HR systems (like timekeeping, handbooks, and training) to hundreds of businesses in the southern United States.  We also launched our successful podcast called People Processes, where we interviewed top business leaders and HR professionals on best practices and their stories about scaling and growing their organizations.

Eventually, that lead to a book deal and the book People Processes: How Your People Can Be Your Organization's Competitive Advantage was released on September 11th, 2018.  That book, written by our CEO, Rhamy Alejeal, went on to be the number one Amazon bestseller in HR for 2018.  It also topped the charts in other categories like Communication, Business Systems, Leadership, and more.  In the year following, Poplar Financial went national, extending our footprint to all 50 U.S. States, and helping companies of every size with their HR Systems.  In recognition of our now broader focus than Poplar Financial implied, we embarked on a full rebrand, and People Processes the organization was reborn from Poplar Financial.

Over the past 14 years, we have partnered with hundreds of companies, and thousands of HR professionals across the United States to implement, streamline, and communicate all the processes that go into managing and scaling organizations.  Our team is passionate and dedicated to helping other organizations put our "People Processes" into place so that they can bring on great talent, turn them from enthusiastic new hires into competent, trusted team members, and ultimately grow their organization.  We are excited for the next 10 years of growth, and can't wait to dive into your organization's processes.


About the Owner

Rhamy Alejeal founded People Processes, a provider of integrated, automated HR systems, on October 1st, 2009. Rhamy and his team work with hundreds of companies across the United States, helping them learn how to stop pushing paper and start prioritizing people. In addition, Rhamy serves on the Federal Reserve’s Industry Council on Healthcare, providing insights into employer costs and how they affect businesses in today’s marketplace. He holds a bachelor’s degree in financial economics and an MBA with a focus on economics. His book, People Processes, was an Amazon #1 best seller in the HR category, and one of INC.com's Top Ten leadership books in 2018.