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About Rhamy Alejeal

Rhamy is the founder and CEO of Poplar Financial, and the founder of People Processes, a podcast and newsletter for HR professionals and business owners. He started Poplar Financial with his wife, Elizabeth, in 2009 after receiving his BBA at the University of Memphis in Financial Economics. After both Elizabeth and Rhamy completed their MBA's in 2011, they retooled Poplar Financial to focus exclusively on the needs of small and medium sized businesses. Rhamy serves on the St. Louis Federal Reserve's Industry Council on Healthcare, and advises many non profits on their operations.

About Poplar Financial

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Poplar Financial is a full service HR, Benefits, and Payroll company based in Memphis, TN.  Founded in 2009 by Rhamy and his wife, Elizabeth, it has grown to service organizations all over the United States.

While all the info on People Processes is for anyone interested in HR, Poplar Financial can provide actual business services to your organization.

If you like the approach to human resources we take in our podcast and newsletter, give Poplar Financial a shot as your actual payroll company, benefits broker, insurance provider, timekeeping company, and HR adviser.

We can help you design and implement the systems needed to automate the routine tasks that drag organizations down, when they could instead be investing in their clients and employees.

Poplar Financial's prices are competitive, and we will get you the modern, automated, and yet customizable systems your organization needs.

Head over to or call 844-4-POPLAR to discuss your needs today!

If you would like to set an appointment so we can get to know each other better, just grab a time convenient for you by CLICKING HERE.