Control labor costs with automated time and labor management.

Our TLM system is available in a variety of configurations that can be tailored to match the requirements of your business.


Our timekeeping system provides the complete automation and high-quality information you need — when and where you need it — to help your organization control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.  You can automatically capture labor information from a wide variety of data collection sources, including time clocks, web entry, telephony, and mobile applications.


Our accrual system automatically calculates and tracks each employee’s accrued time off based on your organization’s specific rules, policies, and regulations. Automated accrual tracking eliminates manual errors; supports fair, consistent policy enforcement; and gives employees and managers instant visibility into current status to speed and simplify time-off requests and approvals.


Our scheduling solution makes it simple to assign daily, weekly, or configurable patterns to schedules. Assign schedules to employees, view preferences, make adjustments on the fly, and give employees access from the web, a mobile app, or the time clock.  Track scheduled hours versus worked hours, as well as projected hours, to more effectively budget labor costs, forecast overtime, and keep costs within expectations.

Accrual Balances

Robust reporting supports decision making and compliance.

The accrual balances report shows the amount of time earned, taken, scheduled, remaining, and carried over as well as the accrual rate for each PTO category for which the employee is eligible.

When reviewing time-off requests, managers can simply click on the hourglass icon to view an employee’s current accrual balance
for faster, more informed decision making.

Maintain Compliance

Exceptions such as missed punches, early/late arrivals, and extended or skipped breaks can result in payroll errors and increased compliance risk. Our system automatically flags exceptions that violate your organization’s policies and alerts managers so they can take action.

Real-time Reporting

Real-time visibility makes it easy to manage exceptions, enforce
work and pay rules, and update schedules for ongoing compliance and cost control. Robust reporting provides real-time insight to drive more informed decision making and help you optimize your labor spend.

Improve productivity, accuracy and reliability of your timekeeping process.

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