Full-service Human Resources Support for Any Sized Business

Discover a groundbreaking opportunity to revolutionize your Human Resources department today! It's time to embrace change and unlock the full potential of your work-from-home processes and adapt to new company policies. Say hello to our game-changing solution: the COMPLETE HR Program.

We're thrilled to introduce a comprehensive package that consolidates ALL of our top-notch HR services into one seamless monthly subscription. This is the ultimate way to optimize your internal HR operations from beginning to end. Gone are the days of juggling multiple vendors and complicated processes.  We provide everything from tech to administration to consulting all in one package.

Imagine the possibilities when your HR department can work at its peak efficiency, multiplying the effectiveness of your whole staff. With our revolutionary COMPLETE HR Program, achieving this level of excellence has never been easier.

Starting at just $1,650 per month, our streamlined package is designed to empower your Human Resources team and unleash their full potential. It's time to embrace simplicity, effectiveness, and convenience.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to transform your HR department and drive your company's success. Now is the perfect moment to seize the future and embark on a journey of unparalleled HR excellence. Join us today and let us take your HR team to new heights!

Simplify and streamline all of your people processes.


Paperless Payroll
Tax Compliance
Unlimited Reporting

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Quotes and Plan Design
Communication and Implementation

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Base HR

Recruitment and Onboarding
Performance Management
Incident Tracking

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Time and Labor

Accruals and PTO Requests
Leave Management

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Training courses
Compliance Library
Live HR Support

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Other Systems

ACA Tracking
Background Checks
Labor Law Posters

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What is Included in Our Outsourced HR Package 

  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Timekeeping 
  • Employee Training Tracking and Distribution
  • Company Handbook Creation 
  • Live HR Support 
  • Background Checks
  • ACA Tracking
  • Labor Law Posters 
  • Benefits tracking
People Processes Comparison Chart

How Our HR Outsourcing Program Works

Our goal is to understand the best way we can support your HR needs

Part 1: Setup.

During the first few weeks of our relationship, we will gain access to all of your prior systems and historical data. We will enter all of this information into our system to use moving forward. We will also establish administrative processes for the most common HR tasks that your business performs such as hiring, payroll, bonuses, and termination. Our goal is to understand the best way we can support your HR needs and people operations in order to take as much off of your plate as possible.

Our HR Outsourcing Program is designed to meet each company’s individual needs.

Part 2: Customize Your Strategic Plan.

Our HR Outsourcing Program is designed to meet each company’s individual needs. Your company-specific strategic HR plan will be created by none other than our founder and CEO, Rhamy Alejeal, who has helped hundreds of businesses streamline their HR processes. In combination with your People Processes expert, who will perform an in-depth compliance analysis to see if there are any red flags that need addressing immediately, Mr. Alejeal will create a strategic plan and calendar for our team to execute FOR you. 

We’ll assign you a dedicated People Processes Expert.

Part 3: Pair with a People Processes Expert.

We’ll assign you a dedicated People Processes Expert. Once a week, you’ll meet with your expert to discuss system approvals, project updates, and other program developments. Our internal team will confer with each other on an on-going basis about your systems and decide how to improve the program to make it work best for your company. Our dedicated payroll clerk will provide an update to your assigned People Processes expert on the following: 

    • Any unapproved Time Off
    • Any unapproved timesheets
    • Timesheet totals (including Time Offs)
    • Any mass batch changes (everyone gets a bonus, mass deductions)
    • Any individual changes (Bonuses? Commissions?)
    • Payroll totals and company totals by the department, benefit costs, tax costs
    • Total funding 

With our new Outsourced HR Program, your HR team can save time on repetitive tasks and improve employee processes. Upgrade your HR department to work smarter with monthly packages starting at just $1,150 per month.

Meet your new HR Department

Showing Roles and Responsibilities of PPS Team

How We Compare to Other HR Outsourcing Companies

A Comprehensive Audit and Strategy

We take a broad look at your people operations and offer a custom strategy based on the needs of your business.

100% Customized HR Strategy

Your business is unique, so is our approach to your People Processes..

Custom, Branded material

Your People Processes team includes a graphic designer that will create HR material, such as employee handbooks, for your internal use.

Pay Cards

Pay cards are the perfect solution for going 100% paperless. Even employees without a bank account can get a direct deposit to their pay card.

Dedicated HR manager

Your dedicated People Processes expert will be your primary contact throughout our entire partnership, ensuring you get the best support possible.

Weekly Support Calls

Your dedicated HR manager will meet with you weekly to discuss your systems, suggested improvements, and payroll requirements.

Insurance benefits

People Processes offers major medical insurance, dental, vision, retirement plans and supplemental products such as FSA, HSA, Voluntary Benefits, COBRA administration, and more.


We help you hire the best talent for open positions within your company by providing a seamless applicant experience for both the recruit and your internal team.  We also have preferred recruiting companies that can be brought in to find top talent in your industry and manage the entire recruiting process for you!


We help you create a customized onboarding checklist that will help your new hires get acclimated to your company in a timely manner.

Ongoing people management

People operations don’t stop at the onboarding stage. We help you track performance reviews, training and certifications, incidents, asset management, employee engagement. 

Are you ready to improve your productivity, accuracy, and reliability of your HR processes?

Find out how People Processes can help you.