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People Processes Interviews: How to Find the Right Team Members for Your Organization Amid Trying Times with Ira Wolfe

By Rhamy Alejeal | 07/10/2020 |

Turbulent times paralyze the majority. The remaining few see strife as an opportunity to claim what many are not able to see just yet. We see this playing out today in the business world, a few months into the world-shaking effects of COVID-19. While countless companies have folded, others have embraced the realities of VUCA…

People Processes Interviews: How to Become a Better Leader by Being Inwardly Sound and Others-Focused with Tim Spiker

By Rhamy Alejeal | 07/07/2020 |

Focus the organization and fuel the people. It’s easy for leaders in business to get caught up in managing others and accomplishing tasks over connection and introspection. As we learn in today’s episode, 77% of leadership comes from who a leader is, and not what they do. Our guest presents a case—backed up by industry…

PPP Forgiveness New App Walkthrough

By Rhamy Alejeal | 06/30/2020 |

PPP Forgiveness New App Walkthrough from People Processes on Vimeo. I’m going to show you a little bit about the New PPP Forgiveness Applications. There are now two of them. One an EZ version, one a full version, we’re going to talk about which one you should use, and then we’ll walk through them.  So…

Transgender Rights, ACA Section 1557

By Rhamy Alejeal | 06/26/2020 |

We’re gonna be talking about two things that have happened in the last week. On June 15th, the Supreme Court issued some landmark federal civil rights laws, rulings that have affected Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It prohibited discrimination based on sex. But they have now determined that that includes gay…

OSHA Strikes Back

By Rhamy Alejeal | 06/23/2020 |

People Processes Podcast: OSHA Strikes Back from People Processes on Vimeo. And today, we’re going to be taking a look at some new OSHA updates that have come down the way. So let’s dive right in. So the first thing to know is that during the COVID-19 crisis, OSHA has been heavily criticized for its…

New PPP “EZ” Forgiveness Application

By Rhamy Alejeal | 06/19/2020 |

Due to the PPP Flexibility Act, the SBA has released updated forgiveness applications. Yes, I said applications, because they have now released an “EZ” version, along with the more complex original. Below is a video I put together to help you determine which application you should use, along with links to the apps and instructions!…

People Processes Interviews: How One-On-Ones Managed via a CRM Exponentially Increases Productivity

By Rhamy Alejeal | 07/03/2020 |

Spend your energy wisely. Automation, and any other duplicatable process, allows you to minimize the time it takes to execute your processes and frees up time for you and your team to think about how you can improve those same processes. The more value you can extract from a single hour of your day, the…

People Processes Interviews: The Benefits and How-Tos of Hiring Filipino VAs with founder John Jonas

By Rhamy Alejeal | 06/17/2020 |

The idea of outsourcing work used to be a questionable practice, whether for ethical reasons (i.e. exploiting lower wages) or patriotic ones (i.e. stealing jobs from Americans). Today’s guest explains why these concerns are nothing more than misconceptions, and why hiring VAs, particularly from the Philippines, is becoming more popular with U.S. companies today than…

People Processes Interviews: David Veech

By Rhamy Alejeal | 05/29/2020 |

Today we’re going to be interviewing David Veech. David teaches leaders how to love, learn, and let go so they can create a workplace that fully engages the creative and productive powers of their people. He learned through 20 years of service in the army and is still learning after 20 years of being in…

PPP Loan Forgiveness Application

By Rhamy Alejeal | 06/04/2020 |

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application, which was released on Sunday, May 18. We’re going to go through it. I am recording a video of this as well, which will allow us to, if you’d like on our website, I’ll have a link to the video. We’ll…