IRS 2024 ACA Affordability Threshold Announcement

2024 Health Plan Affordability Threshold

The IRS recently made an announcement that holds significant implications for employers and HR professionals alike: the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affordability threshold for 2024 will be adjusted to 8.39%, down from 9.12% in 2023. This change might seem minor, but it holds substantial ramifications for businesses.

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About the author, Rhamy

Rhamy grew up watching and working with his mother and grandmother in the senior insurance market. This familiarity with the struggles faced by people trying to navigate the incredibly complicated and heavily regulated healthcare market led him to start Poplar Financial while working on his degree at the University of Memphis. After completing his MBA and Bachelors in Finance and Economics, Rhamy guided Poplar Financial through the disruptive opportunity that is the Affordable Care Act. Since then Poplar Financial has received numerous awards from major insurance carriers and has completed its fourth year in a row of doubling in size. Now his team focuses on the processes around human resources and specializes in providing companies with between 20 and 1000 employees with the payroll, benefits, and HR needs.

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